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Beitragvon [GER]Birnd » Di 24. Feb 2015, 20:09

1. [3dAC]Nate, [GER]Birnd, Geronimo

2. Geronimo opened the first APC Squad on the German Side, i was loading PR to drive with him(Still Preperations Timer).
Nate switched him to the Russians. As i loaded in he switched me too. Asking why didnt result in any answer. At this Time the German Side was 90%+ clan stacked and the other side had 2 Merk and 3 TP guys+ publics. Couldnt get any Assset Squad and as 2 man inf + pub we would just get wiped. We then left. The Game progresses right now. Russian Team 3 - 32.

3. 24.Feb 20:50
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Re: [3dAC]Nate

Beitragvon Buschpilot453 » Di 24. Feb 2015, 20:49

Well it doesnt help the team when you guys leave. :/

Actually im not sure what youre complainging for. Did you expect us to switch you on the already stacked team only because you are just two guys? Do you prefer steamrolling the enemy? I dont get your request really.
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Re: [3dAC]Nate

Beitragvon Nate » Di 24. Feb 2015, 20:59

Hi Birnd,

My intention was to balance the teams.

As I saw Geronimo joining, I immediately switched him to Russians as I was hoping there would be more WGP's joining.

ROUND STARTED: 2015-02-24 19:37:37
[19:37 TEAM 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Gero
[19:38 GLOBAL ] [WGP] Geronimo: warum switch?
[19:40 TEAM 1 ] [WGP] [GER]Birnd: gero had the apc squad
[19:41 TEAM 1 ] [WGP] [GER]Birnd: wtf

You joined and I switched you to Russians as well. I am really sorry and apologize sincerely if I switched you after you had the squad already, I thought there was no squads yet ..: looking at the timer, how can there be an APC squad at 3min mark, when the briefing had only been going on for 23 seconds max -> compare ROUND START + my switching time.

I did not see Gero's global and your remarks, and was not aware you have had the APC squad.
Use !r next time or join me in TS to sort it out, you know where to find me :)

"At this Time the German Side was 90%+ clan stacked and the other side had 2 Merk and 3 TP guys+ publics."

Which is the very reason I switched you in the first place. The round before had ended 1-0 because I switched over every single clan that joined to the enemy team:

[19:04 TEAM 2 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Adam (IPON)
[19:05 TEAM 2 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Borz (IPON)
[19:05 TEAM 2 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Hass (TP)
[19:05 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Hannus (TP)
[19:05 TEAM 2 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Dreyd (TP)
[19:08 TEAMKILL] [TP]Michelsen TEAMKILLS [OD-S]32cap
[19:09 SQUAD 2 ] [TP]Michelsen: !r That TK was wanted by OD-S for switch
[19:09 GLOBAL ] [3dAC] Nate.: TK is ok, switch is not :)
[19:10 GLOBAL ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Noerga (TP)
[19:16 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Ashis (MerK)
[19:19 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Norb (KSK)
[19:19 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Smid (EMF)
[19:20 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Smek (MERK)
[19:32 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch Zanic (FH)
[19:34 SQUAD 1 ] [3dAC] Nate.: !switch MIDG (MERK)

On Dovre, falf of the Russian team was afk, MeRk guys didn't start playing for a while and there was a 8-man mortar squad in a team of 20, making it a steamroll. All of this, I could not anticipate. Eventually, KSK Sex_YU and others joined and it became a bit better, K/D evened out a bit and the round ended 200-0 (Which is still bad imo).

Danke für den Report Birnd, bitte nich böse sein .. :winken4:

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