What is Dayz++

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What is Dayz++

Beitragvon MrSherenai » Mi 1. Aug 2012, 19:53

Dayz++ is the approach to bring the great DayZ mod to a new higher level in terms of gameplay, fun and replayability. Dayz++ is your chance to be more then a just a player, your voice matters and your ideas may become real. No matter whether you are a skilled modder, a beginner, a graphics artist, a sound artist or just a player with many ideas and a huge fantasy, you can be a part of the creation of this new game experience. All you have to do is raise your voice, start a new discussion with your ideas and suggestions and convice the community. If your suggestion is good enough to convince the playerbase and technical realizable it will become a part of the game. On the other hand side you can discuss modifications to be removed. All you have to take care of when suggesting a change is that it has to fit the mods style and realism. Dayz is ment to be a hardcore survival simulator!

Go ahead, play the game, open your mind and deliver fresh ideas.
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