3dAC vs. NEW + Others

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3dAC vs. NEW + Others

Beitragvon Agemman » Do 16. Feb 2012, 22:42

Hey guys.

We were supposed to have a game this sunday 19.02.12 at 19PRT. The map is Muttrah INF and we will play US. It is 21v21.
Our opponent couldn't make it so now we desperately have to find someone else. I've talked with Cawac and this thread is here as a formality and a way to keep contact up!

I am also approaching GIS and KSK since they are germans and you guys might need help with numbers. If I don't get a response from them I will ask english-speaking clans if that is OK.

We'll talk tomorrow!
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Re: 3dAC vs. NEW + Others

Beitragvon Cawac » Do 16. Feb 2012, 23:40

Thread started in Intern, hopefully we will get enough players to drive your ass back into the sea.
I would say we stick to the rules on the NEW server, and we will talk tomorrow to make everything cristal clear. :)

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