=ITW= and PR.it want to join the Alliance

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Re: =ITW= and PR.it want to join the Alliance

Beitragvon Ranzpirat » Sa 30. Mai 2015, 10:37

Just a heads up that the poll is in fact still running till tonight.
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Re: =ITW= and PR.it want to join the Alliance

Beitragvon Picard » Sa 30. Mai 2015, 18:22

Dear ITW and PR.IT,

unfortunately the majority of our Community did not vote in your favor to become full Allies. The main reasons for this are:

* Not everyone knew you guys on a level better than any other regular
* We did not fully understand your intentions why you want to become allies

There is a group of people in your favor though, so I personally would recommend to spend the next weeks/months to get to know us better and get more people in your favor.

Allies are not only people we appreciate ingame but also people/clans/communitys that we learnt to love on a personal level and would trust just like another [new]/[NEW]. This is why allies are allowed to apply for admin status, get RS and a voice in our discussions. To get this kind of trust, we expect the same amount of dedication in our direction.

We hope to see you guys on the server soon as you are always appreciated comrades on the battlefield.

Best regards,
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Re: =ITW= and PR.it want to join the Alliance

Beitragvon Pheelz » Sa 13. Jun 2015, 13:02

Thanks Picard and thanks all for the appreciation showed in this thread.
Sorry for being late answering but most of us are busy in this period of the year (UNI exams, work, family vacations...open air BBQ).

I understand that not everyone in the NEW community know us, I'm personally inclined to think that you are a bigger comunity than the players we usually see in PR.
Regard the second point, the presentation is in fact not so clear, our main intention, and I'll be "brutally" clear here, is having reserved slots, for simple reasons; before the "new wave" of players that came with 1.3 we usually play with an average of 4 to 8/10 clan mates ( the low number for =ITW= is explict wanted, we don't want to expand our clanbase, is in our own charter, for this some italians clans/communities labeled us as "elitists" "cocky" or literally from italian language "wooden pussies", our recruitment process is extremely cautious, we prefer promote the good gameplay on PR instead of bragging out numbers of bad players, for PR.IT-[EI] members is a bit different, they are the "historical" promoters of PR since centuries in Italy, they also try to keep the gameplay as is meant to be and they are more "open" to expand the clanbase), and having reserved slots meant that we can fill a full squad avoiding the queue. Only this. For what concern admin rights we can only provide "soft" admistration, like switch rights or kicks, not becuase we are lazy or something else, but cus we believe that having same powers as NEW's members is like a "prevail" on these members. Let's say we are humble and a little bit shy. The same goes for having a voice on discussions, we really really appreciated it, and kind felt embarassed, when all the big clans in PR (3dac, NEW, Merk, CSF and MIF as I remember right) in the past asked us to join you all for the good sake of the game and the community, but again we do not want to be "invasive". I would like to meet sometimes with you and the others and discussing about community and stuff, and I know that getting more closer on a personal level could be hard, due to language barrier, so take this reply as a first step that direction.

We'll ofc stick around NEW server as much as we can, atm there are too many players, so you'll see us jumping on Merk's server or others because we need to train new italian players, but as some slots are available we'll jump in your server, as usual.

Thanks for the service you still offering, about gameplay and administration, after years and years of PR.

...and sorry for the long post (was really not an asslicking, ask Curry if I'm a "lap dog"...)

=ITW= Pheelz

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