[NEW] & [3dAC] Retro Teamwork Night (06/07/2014 - 16.00PRT)

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[NEW] & [3dAC] Retro Teamwork Night (06/07/2014 - 16.00PRT)

Beitragvon BloodyDeed » So 6. Jul 2014, 14:46

[NEW] & [3dAC]
Operation Retro
Teamwork Night
6th of July at 16.00PRT (18h deutsche Zeit)


[NEW] and [3dAC] would like to announce that we run a teamwork night with [R-DEV]K4ons RETRO MAPPACK next sunday at the 16.00PRT. The slots on the server will be reduced to 75 since all these maps got desined for less players. We will run the following maplist:

  1. Songhua Stalemate Retro (Intense infantry combat in the swamps) [USMC vs. PLA]
  2. EJOD Desert Retro (The classic) [GER vs. MEC]
  3. Qwai River Retro (Return of the Little Birds and TOW HMMWVVs + JDAM Support) [GB vs. MEC]
  4. Zatar Wetlands Retro (Return of the "Counter Attack" + JDAM Support) [USMC vs. MEC]
  5. Al Kufrah Oilfield Retro (Clash of tanks) [GB vs. MEC]
  6. Steel Thunder Retro (Combined arms in the woodlands) [GER vs. RUS]

If the server is still populated after we finished Steel Thunder we will play some more of those great maps or switch to regular maps. For more informations about the RETRO MAP PACK and the download please check K4on's DEV-Blog.

We ask clans and bigger groups which like to play together to join the [NEW] TeamSpeak for balance discussions. IP: or click here. We will try to keep the teams balanced and switch clans if needed.

Lets have an evening full of great teamwork and memories. We hope to see you on the server!

[NEW] & [3dAC].

P.S. FIFA got informed beforehand, so no World Cup games this sunday.
P.S.S. SIGN-UP if you wish @ http://3dac.co/events.php?action=view&event_id=455

Discussion here:

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