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Ban Appeal

Verfasst: Do 10. Nov 2016, 15:27
1. When have you been banned? 2 or 3 months ago I think.

2. What was the reason? Apparently TeamKilling. MAybe it was a Revenge TK and sorry about it.

3. Who was the Admin? Dont know.

4. Mention your Ingamename? JIGSAWw

5. Comment why you ignored our serverrules and why we should unban you ? Yes Im sorry about what I did. Dont Remember exactly. But I think if you ban me you were right. So I did somethnig against rules. And Im sorry about that. I will play in a good manner anymore. And I tihnk 3 months is a fair punisment.Thank you.

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Re: Ban Appeal

Verfasst: Di 15. Nov 2016, 14:57
von Blackpanther
Hey apparently the admin that has banned you is not responding, so I am just going to do so.

You have been banned for soloing an apc and ramming a Chinook with it on the 23rd of april this year and the banning admin was noobonkeyboard.
Actually the banning admin is getting to decide whether you will be unbanned or not but since he is not responding I am going to talk to the other admins and we are going to decide if we unban you or not. So stay tuned.

As an advice just do not TK on purpose never neither solo ANY vehcile but transport choppers (only in trans sq though).

Cheers Blackpanther

Re: Ban Appeal

Verfasst: Mi 16. Nov 2016, 19:04
Ok. I will respect the rules. Thank you for the help. I am waiting.