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Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 16:31
von Buschpilot453
Well, i wasnt on the server and i didnt get "owned" neither did i "ragequit".

Spook hat geschrieben:Guys sorry for killing your server with CAS today. I did not know I would end up killing 3 full trans trucks + namer when we took off at round start on Beirut....

Spook, you know the map and the layout, Moulin does aswell, you guys even talked about this fucked up balance in the beginning. And dispite the fact it'll kill the server you conpletely raped their deployment. Even when its no against the rule set you should know better.
You killed the fun for like 50 people just for your "shit n giggles".
Whats the point in playing PR when you just want to get kills? Go play BF5 or COD.
After wathcing the video im tempted to say that you did this on purpose.

Spook hat geschrieben:"well i didnt expect them to be that dumb"

Another quote of you. Hope it doesnt sum up your general attitude towards other player...
I never would have guessed to see ducks with such behaviour.

//video got removed

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 17:34
von ELmariachi
well it seems the Ducks have forgotten how to play fair... :pfeif:

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 18:41
von MoulinKiller
Buschpilot453 hat geschrieben:Whats the point in playing PR when you just want to get kills? Go play BF5 or COD.
After wathcing the video im tempted to say that you did this on purpose.

Hold on a second Buschpilot please.
Yes, it was our goal to get there asap too keep them out of the city. If they dont cap that flag, our team has enough time to cap a good amount of flags and build good defensive/offensive FOBS or whatever they want to do.

BUT, saying that we just went there to kill those guys and have a good laugh about it is wrong.
Otherwise Spook wouldn't have made the video and send it to the DEVS to adress this game breaking issue to them.

I knew that you could give great advantage to your own team by applying that strategy but since it was also my first time doing it, I had no idea about the real outcome. We ended with 25 kill in one run. If you whatch the video you'll actually notice that at one point i say that we'll stay away from the flag from now on.
Thats what we did, we even got shot down shortly after.
Spook and me felt really bad about what we've done.I mean we kinda killed the server and surely frustrated a lot of people back there :P
I can only imagine what it must feel like when a havoc turns up above you and completely fucks up your defensless logistic-train. I wouldnt feel that happy i guess.

Enough explaining.
We're sorry for any inconvenience.
And we'll never do it again.

Moulin <3

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 19:08
von Spook
Calm the heck down busch jesus.

It was my first time ever playing CAS on Beirut STD. And I was NOT aware of the fact that the CAS is capable of stopping the entire enemy team. I had no idea we would actually catch ALL of them on one spot. I killed what I saw and realized that this must have been the whole team after that and backed off. Saved the vid, uploaded it as not listed and added it to the internal bug tracker on the day after since this is a complete gamekiller no one seems to have noticed before. My report from yesterday_

Yesterday I flew CAS on Beirut STD for the first time(video below). I noticed that the instant CAS spawn is very bad for the gameplay. If you rush the havoc into their desert on round start, you will catch them right when they are about to enter the city. You can blow away all their vehicles in the desert or edge of the city before they can even deploy on their first flag. This is a big issue and kills the roundstart for the enemy team. You would need to take a hmmvw with a handheld AA and rush to the edge of the city asap to have a slight chance to take the havoc down. I killed 2 logis, 1 namer, and 3 full trans trucks within less than 2 minutes.

The spawn of the havoc should be delayed for at least 5 minutes.

And yes, additonally the enemy was dumb. This is not an attitude towards players but a simple statement, which was true. After I killed the first trans truck and namer you would think the other trucks would notice that and fall back instead of driving right underneath me. But they kept coming and coming.

The only purpose I uploaded it, was to demonstrate it to the devs since I had it on tape anyways. I also added it to my video thread in the 3dac forums, mainly to share it with Moulin and the others from the round. Removed it now. Did not think it would leave the 3dac forums...

I have never had so many kills in one single run so it was kind of lolz at that moment for me. But it was definitely not intended from the beginning, since I detest this kind of gameplay. I myself flame against people who play like this publicly.

//also please remove the video from your post, I did not list it publicly for a reason... it is not representing my way of playing the game, but instead is just a game issue report.

Next time please think before starting a rant like this for no reason. No interest in getting soaked into some pr-drama.

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 20:06
von Buschpilot453
Sure its not the way you guys play on a regular basis. I didnt say that nor dir i try to imply this. I just wrote down my opinion on your video.
You guys know how to play properly, you dont need to rush them. And i guess this is what i can expect from you well experienced guys, fairplay.

Next time please think before starting ...

Maybe you better think about your actions next time.
And no, im no fan of pr-drama aswell.

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Do 3. Jul 2014, 21:00
von Ranzpirat
MoulinKiller hat geschrieben:We're sorry for any inconvenience.
And we'll never do it again.

I think that sums it up. Silly you for doing that but thanks for apologizing AND reporting it to the DEVs in an instant.

I can understand Buschs frustrtion though.

Now we all know about it and the Admins can take !w precautions the next time we play this layout.

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Fr 4. Jul 2014, 17:13
von K4on
He's beta tester so thats his job reporting the issue to the team... Mega ultra THX reporting that issue spook though :god: :ugly: <3

On the other hand you guys should cool off. Shit happens, and now everyone here knows the issue and I am sure it will be remembered.

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Mi 16. Jul 2014, 16:53
von Curry-Chicken
Hotfranc (ex-TG) posted some event suggestions, not sure if anyone here is interested to help out. This could only happen with the support of [NEW].

Take a look:

If you don't have access please send me a PM on the 3dAC forums and I will add you to the [NEW] usergroup.


Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: Mi 16. Jul 2014, 19:59
von Curry-Chicken
Moved the thread. Will fix it later.


edit: fixed.

Re: The general [3dAC]-Thread

Verfasst: So 27. Jul 2014, 09:52
von Curry-Chicken