Inspektura Ban Feedback

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Inspektura Ban Feedback

Beitragvon Brah-Ban.13 » Mo 1. Sep 2014, 13:43

Wow, this is just a sad reminder of what PR communities have turned into. Banning somebody for no real reason, inviting them to discuss it on the forums and then stating you don't wish to discuss this.

Why can't you at least admit that you dislike Inspektura, which is, combined with him being better than you at something, the reason he's actually getting banned? Not that admitting it will make it any better, but you could at least have the guts to say it.

Instead of banning every player your community dislikes for the sole reason of being better than you why don't you take this opportunity as a reminder there still are capable players in PR or to better yourself and beat them in a fair fight?

Sure Inspektura is a CAS whore but so are 50+ other PR players and probably 100+ armour whores. The difference is that 95% of others still suck at it, which is why you don't care for them or their shitty attitude. So, in essence Inspektura is getting banned for being good at something. Not a valid reason.

And if you're going to call other players "cheater" then please present some proof, because otherwise you just look like a complaining bitch. The only cheater (not hacker) Inspektura played with AFAIK is Viirus. But I haven't seen them play together in months, as Viirus barely plays PR anyway. Viirus had a very bad attitude towards PR, got banned for many reason on many occasions under many nicknames which is why his perma ban is reasonable.

But the other guy that all of you love to accuse of cheating is Atom. I've played alongside Atom on many occasions and he has always shown himself as a capable player. He definitely shouldn't evade his bans instead of appealing them (I just know about the PRTA one, which was bs). But I don't think he was ever involved in cheating of any kind. And if he was, please present some proof, I have yet to see some.

inb4 we don't wish to discuss this
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Re: Inspektura Ban Feedback

Beitragvon Ranzpirat » Mo 1. Sep 2014, 14:17

I say this as a private person and not as a Serveradmin so this is no official statement:

I don't get why you don't want to understand that we as a community can decide with what kind of crowd we want to play on the server WE are providing, which one of OURS is paying for and which we are administrating.

Case closed for me
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Re: Inspektura Ban Feedback

Beitragvon MrSherenai » Mo 1. Sep 2014, 15:04

Why do you waste your time and even worse mine by creating a new post for a case that does not concern you at all and that we and inspektura dont want to discuss any further?

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