Asset rule or not asset rule? that is the question

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Asset rule or not asset rule? that is the question

Beitragvon sephitoth » Do 12. Dez 2013, 15:50

Hi everyone,

I'am sorry, I don't speak German, so i will explain what i have to, in English.
When i'am upset, my English is not much better, but anyway, i will try to be as clear as possible.

First of all, i will introduce me even if i had already play with some of you many times.
My pseudo is Sephitoth, call me Sephi, and i'am a member of a well known HeroS clan.
Yes i'am French, but please don't focus on that point.

I am here because few days ago, i had some trouble on your server.
Since few weeks, you added the asset rule on your server,
Even if i prefer the "first waiting for an asset, first serve" which allow us to take an asset if the squad which try to reserve it is full of noob.
I understand why you added it.

The first thing important is,
The reservation is only available for valuable assets ....
What's valuable means ? it can be discuss seriously.

Get back to the main focus,

We were playing Vadso city on British side.
we were only 3 HeroS on that day, Osmose, Phil-oups and I.
So we couldn't be an efficient infantry squad even if we try to give the best every-time.
So we decided to take the Panther. 3 men driving and managing a Panther, it's enough.
We create the Panther squad at 3:00 (second squad after tank)
So everyone on our team known that we wanted to use the panther.

We spawn at the beginning but a player was faster than you, he run and took the drive seat,
i took the gunner seat.
We told him to get out, we told him that we got the Panther squad, but nothing happens.
I report him several times, asking for admins, and nothing happened.
There was only ElMariachi who write on the chat (asset rule)
After 30 minute of complaining, we got the first answer of and admin.

There is many things that upset me:
- First of all, since i play PR, since Panther and Crow have been added, there is always Panther and Crow squad, we always let player get the asset corresponding to the squad.
It was clearly disrespectful to not let us playing it. Disrespect is something i can't admit.

- Second thing, Panther is not a Tank, i agree, but it's not a truck too.
There is only one Panther on vadso, it's an important asset for me,
it's not made to transport troops.

- Third, HeroS players are always compliant, we are always helping you on your server to have the best team-play. When it's unbalanced, you always asking us to switch even if the round has already begun. There is several NEW member who always switch to be on blufor, to use assets.
And until today, i said nothing. But it's enough !!! Just explain why when we need you there is no answers ??? This is a shame.

I want excuse from you and i want more respect from you and players who spend time on your server. Until this situation is not clear, do not ask HeroS player to be compliant.
I hope the situation will make you think and act in a good way.
You are free to discuss about this on this topic, and i will follow the topic as often as possible.

I hope you understand why we are upset,

Best regards, and see you on the battlefield,

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Re: Asset rule or not asset rule? that is the question

Beitragvon MoulinKiller » Do 12. Dez 2013, 16:11

Hey sephi :)
Glad to see that you found your way into the forums after some troubles :)

First of all i have to say that I really appreciate that the Heros clan is often there to help us out and switch teams when we have problems like Balancing or massive Clan-stacking.

2nd, I do agree with you about the Panther and i think it should be changed too. But me alone can't change anything there.

But i do think that the Panther and the Crow can be bound to a mechanized Infantry Squad. I think that that actually is included in our rules. Atleast for me it is. PLS Correct me when i'm wrong fellow NEW's.

And then there's the Blufor thing you mentioned. We are aware of that, and even I have to admit that I am accused of that too sometimes.
But it will be always there, you can't really controll it. If you switch too many guys back, the balance will be screwed. There are alway some complications going along with it.
(based on my opinion)

Hope we can sort things out here, since I would really regret to loose you guys as regular players on our server.

[NEW] MoulinKiller
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Re: Asset rule or not asset rule? that is the question

Beitragvon Neander » Do 12. Dez 2013, 16:37

Hi Sephi,

thanks to bring this topic to our forums. I'm aware of the situation on Vadso some days/weeks ago because I was the admin who try to sort out the thinks after joining and talk to you. The main problem is, that we don't have define what a Panther is in our rules. So the panther is not affected by the assetrule and it's first come first serve at the moment. We already discuss this in our TS after the problem apears and we will talk about this in our next communitymeeting and change our rules to add the Panther and vehicles like that to our asset rule.

What happens on our server and why does nobody answer to you for a long time?
Thats the question we have to talk about. You already say that only one admin was on the server to that time and I think this was the main problem. Maybe ElMariachi was afk or dosn't see your reports because he was leading a squad or something like this. Thats not an excuse for us but keep in mind our admins are also players who want to play and can't see all shit what happend between 100 players. After I joined later and see your problem I instantly try to help you but I think it was to late :((

About NEW and BlueFor switching
Mostly we try to balance teams and thats why we switching sides together to Blue or Opfor. Based on our switching list, the most Clans always connecting the bluefor side and so we have some clan stacking here. So if we try to balance next round it looks like we always switching to bluefor. Believe me thats only because we wan't to balance and not to get other assets or thinks like that!

Ok what happens now?
The main reason we set up a own server is, that we wan't to provide fair and intense gameplay in Project Reality. I'm sorry about what happend at this day and we try to improve our admin awareness and react faster on problems and reports. You also welcome to join our TS to talk directly to us if you have some problems on our server and nobody react ingame or its to complicate to discuss this topic in the chat. We also have an french speaking admin (Moulinkiller) who is online nearly every day and can talk with you in your native language to solve problems even faster.

Please take this excuse from me as an NEW admin and I hope you will join our server again and help us to keep our spirit of great teamplay alive.
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Re: Asset rule or not asset rule? that is the question

Beitragvon K4on » So 12. Jan 2014, 02:35

^Suggest you read the rules, especially 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 - it's easy and clear tbh, crow and panther are excluded because they are light vehicles, but need a minimum crew of 2 peeps:

3. Vehicles and Assets

3.1 All vehicles have to be manned with their minimum crew they require to work appropriately (included the CrowHummvee and Panther - excluded AA-vehicles).

3.2.1 Heavy assets may be operated only by players beeing in a correct named squad.
The first correct named squad is in charge of the belonging assets. (TANK, APC, CAS, MECH-INF)

3.2.2 Transport Helicopters, AAVs plus other light vehicles are not affected by the Asset Rule.

3.2.3 No locked asset squads, as long as not all belonging vehicles on the field are actively in use.

3.2.4 1x APC/IFV can be used per infantry squad as support. -> MECH-INF

3.2.5 "First Come First Serve" only counts in case of multiple MECH-INF or APC Squads .

3.2.6 A Commander not in duty from the beginning cant re/as-sign assets already in use.
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