Tuman6V9 - Wasting asset / Griefing

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Tuman6V9 - Wasting asset / Griefing

Beitragvon dogmaster » Do 24. Sep 2015, 22:55

1. Who was involved in the incident? (Comitters and victims)

No one got hurt in this accident, however both choppers didn't make it.

2. What happened? (Try to describe as accurate as possible)

Tuman6V9 spawned at China main, enters a transport heli as pilot and immediately flipped it over,
As his first chopper got destroyed, He grabbed another one, took it in the air and flew directly to friendly infantry on the field. I think that he planned to Kamikaze it into them as he crashes the chopper very close to them. He left the server, before I could warn / Kick him.

3. When did it happen? (Date and time ot the day(GMT +01:00))

2015-09-24 21:25:38 shijiavalley

4. Anything else that could be important.

5. If available post screenshots or a demo.

6. Be patient. We handle your case as fast as possible.

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