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Reporting an admin - Buschpilot

Beitragvon Hornycorn » Di 8. Mär 2016, 01:14

First time ever i encounter such a player and an admin like him. First of all i was doing close-air-support with a stranger, i'm playing this game for 5 years or 6 and mostly doing CAS, we got shot down by a MT-LB beast at normal altitude around 300-400. Then Buschpilot asked what happened, i explained and he said'' Don't do cas'' and i got warning for asset wasting. I was like'' woah woah woah'', i also challenged him to a duel, but yeah, rejected. Then i took close-air-support huey and killed an apc and infantry but then i accidentally teamkilled 2 of my teammates, i said sorry three times! Then i landed on the carrier and boom, kicked. When i returned to the server, i asked why, he said you killed 2 of your teammates.
Didn't know there are rules:
1)Don't die with an asset or it's asset waste even if you get shot down by an enemy.
2)If you kill 1 or more friendlies, you will be kicked or even worse, banned.
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Re: Reporting an admin - Buschpilot

Beitragvon Buschpilot453 » Do 10. Mär 2016, 00:19

Hello and welcome to the forums,

Im really happy you found your way to the forum, we always appreciate players leaving feedback on how things get handled on the [NEW] server.
So after i watched the battlerecorder glancing at your superb CAS skills i really do have to tell you that it was not the 30mm that killed you. Instead it was you diving right into the ground. All these APCs were reported in SQL chat and marked on map.
Also the fact that you were flying low all the time and engaging APCs with gun trying to hunt them down doesnt really help your case.

Either you are staight out lying about your 5+ years of CAS experience or you're just a plain bad pilot, maybe both.

As we had people crashing CAS the round before i didnt want to risk another CAS getting wasted and those teamkills kind of gave the final touch. To add there was no "Sorry" or whatsoever from your side as i checked the logs. You got warned before and you got kicked, not banned.

Im still not sure if you are serious about you wanting a duel and if so, would it make your point more valid?

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